Circle of Hope Services LLC
Healthy discussions to help you reach resolution and recovery from personal issues

An unhealthy way of coping with problems and personal issues can affect one’s daily function. Through counseling, we provide a safe space where difficult conversations are encouraged so individuals can develop better coping mechanisms, identify and assess issues, and solve problems efficiently and healthily. When things are overwhelming, it’s best to talk it out with an expert who can help you navigate through your difficulties and promote healthy living.

Individual Counseling

This service works best for individuals who prefer privacy and personalized counseling sessions. Our experts work with our clients on a regular basis, using evidence-based intervention methods.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is an effective counseling strategy that groups clients together to share their experiences, develop better communication and connections, and learn altruism and social responsibility. If that works for you, contact us today.

Individual psychotherapy

For long-term treatment, we suggest individual psychotherapy services, which are person-centered and focused on leading clients to their version of success and happiness, no matter how long it takes.

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