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Ways to Manage Substance Abuse


To effectively control substance abuse disorders, it is crucial to understand the psychological aspects that prompt a person to do it. Eliminate the stigma of addiction, abuse, and misuse of various substances, whether alcohol, nicotine, depressants, stimulants, or hallucinogens.

The next step in managing substance abuse is undergoing a psychiatric assessment to thoroughly determine the extent of the problem. The various domains of mental soundness are evaluated which consists of one’s cognitive functions, thinking, speech, and behavior. Oftentimes, being mentally troubled shows up in a person’s appearance. Personal hygiene and physique are the usual indicators if one is capable of caring for oneself.

Mental health services in Delaware also require an interview from the patient and their family. It is done to further investigate the triggers that lead to substance abuse. Through the interview, the patient’s attitude and reaction towards psychiatric treatments will be revealed.

The healthcare professionals of counseling services in Smyrna, Delaware will then formulate a treatment plan. The physician may recommend either one of the four treatment programs depending on the level of care the patient requires. These are outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, residential treatment, and inpatient hospitalization.

Mental health care in Delaware also involves the family of the patients in the recovery. The family and friends of the patient can show support to the patient by removing triggers, holding them accountable, and encouraging them to persevere despite the challenges.

At Circle of Hope Services, it is our mission to equip those with substance use disorders with the appropriate treatment for their needs. We recognize that maintaining abstinence and forming healthy habits has lots of factors that influence it. To get started in your recovery from substance abuse, reach out to us.

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